Antioch is passionate about Jesus and what He is doing in the world.


Jesus has loved us with a radical love, and in turn we give our whole lives to Him! His presence and glory are our greatest desire and the aim of everything we do. Helping people to know God intimately and walk with Him daily is the goal of our church.

LOve each other

Walking with God was designed to be done in community. Biblical community is where we encourage, challenge, and carry each other through life. At Antioch, we live out this life-changing community in small groups (called “Lifegroups”) that meet regularly in homes.

Change the World

We are committed to seeing our city transformed by empowering believers to impact their spheres of influence with the love of Jesus. We also have a passion for global missions and want to become a sending hub for missionaries, so that Jesus’ glory will be known to the ends of the earth.


Our beliefs are grounded in what we find in the Bible. Read more about what we believe regarding the Bible, Godhead, men, salvation, the Lord's commands, family and the church here ➤

The Antioch Movement

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Antioch Community Church Fullerton is part of the Antioch International Movement of Churches based in Waco, Texas. The Antioch movement, which began more than 20 years ago, is a group of churches dedicated to seeing the local church reproduce the Kingdom of God throughout the United States and around the world. Focused on evangelism and discipleship, Antioch currently has 70 church-planting teams working in 24 nations around the world (including 26 churches in the United States). We are thankful for our deep heritage and are humbled to be able to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.

Even though we are a local church in our beginning stages, we are tied to a network of churches that have been loving God, loving people, and impacting the world for over twenty years. At Antioch, we are one part of what God is doing around the world!


Ann Arbor, MI – Antioch Community Church
Austin, TX - Antioch Community Church
Baton Rouge, LA – Antioch Community Church
Belton, TX – Antioch Community Church
Beverly, MA – The Harbor
Boston, MA – Community of Faith Christian Fellowship
College Station, TX – Antioch Community Church
Dallas, TX – Antioch Community Church
Fort Collins, CO – Antioch Community Church
Fort Worth, TX – Christ Fellowship
Honolulu, HI – Christ Fellowship
Houston, TX – Antioch Community Church
Knoxville, TN – Antioch Community Church
Los Angeles, CA (West Los Angeles) – Epicentre Church
Lawrence, KS – Antioch Community Church
Norman, OK – Antioch Community Church
Omaha, NE – Waypoint Church
Orlando, FL – Antioch Community Church
Pasadena, CA (Los Angeles area) – Epicentre Church
Raleigh, NC – Antioch Community Church
San Diego, CA – All Peoples Church
Salt Lake City, UT – Antioch Community Church
Seattle, WA – Mosaic Community Church
Tempe, AZ (Phoenix area) – Antioch Community Church
Waco, TX – Antioch Community Church
Waltham, MA (Boston area) – The River Church
Wheaton, IL (Chicago area) – Antioch Community Church