The local church is not just one or two people leading a group of followers, but is an entire group of people working together to see God’s Kingdom advanced on the earth. As we continue to grow, we invite consistent attenders to choose an area to serve in our church so that we can reach our city and make disciples of Jesus.


SET UP | This team makes church happen! Setting up chairs, drapes, and a whole lot more. 

TEAR DOWN | This team cleans up after church and helps us keep our generous landlords, the Fullerton Community Center, happy.

GREETERS | These are the smiling faces you encounter as you enter church! They greet at the door and hand out bulletins.

USHERS | These generous volunteers help us with seating, tithe and communion. 

HOSPITALITY | If you have ever enjoyed a donut or coffee before church, you have been blessed by this team!

ANTIOCH KIDS | This team serves our church by teaching and loving on our little ones! We believe they are shaping the next generation to change the world!

ANTIOCH KIDS SET UP | These heroes bless the Antioch Kids team by setting up their classrooms each morning.

ANTIOCH KIDS TEAR DOWN | Since what goes up must come down, these volunteer are an equal blessing to the Antioch Kids department!

SECURITY | This team helps keep our congregation safe specifically focusing on security for Antioch Kids

WORSHIP | If you're a gifted musician, this may be the place for you. This team leads us into the presence of God each Sunday.

AUDIO/VISUAL | The worship team wouldn't work if it weren't for our hardworking A/V team!

MEDIA + DESIGN | This team helps make church look good! Everything from sermon graphics to videos to bulletins.

EVENT COORDINATOR | As a community based around people, we have a lot of parties and events. Join us in planning for those!

ADMINISTRATION | At the end of the day, the brunt of what makes church happen is done at a computer. If you have an administrative gifting, we can probably find a place for you!